Getting Start
Basic Concepts
TensorSpace Converter
Model Preprocessing
Merge Function
TensorSpace Converter API
Sample TensorSpace-Converter script:
$ tensorspacejs_converter \
    --input_model_from="XXX" \
    --input_model_format="YYY" \
    --output_layer_names="EEE1,EEE2,EEE3" \
    input_path \
Arguments explanation:
Positional Arguments Description
input_path Path for model input artifacts.
output_path Folder for all output artifacts.
Options Description
input_model_from Configure the training library for pre-trained model, use: tensorflow for TensorFlow, keras for Keras, tfjs for TensorFlow.js.
input_model_format The format of input model, set different attributes for different kinds of models.
output_layer_names The names of the layer which will be visualized in TensorSpace, separated by comma ",".
The TensorSpace-Converter Example Usage Page introduce how to set Positional Arguments and Optional Arguments for different kinds of models.