Getting Start
Basic Concepts
TensorSpace Converter
Model Preprocessing
Merge Function
Layer Introduction
This chapter contain all details of layer APIs. You can check the content in left side bar.
Usage of Constructor
How to use constructor to create a new layer with the necessary arguments.
If you're looking for the easiest way to create a layer instance, but you don't know which parameters to pass in, this section will help you.
Constructor Parameter List
This section is a table that contains all the optional configuration properties, along with samples and utility effects for each property.
This properties can be accessed on the prototype chain, containing inputShape, outputShape, neuralValue of data, layerType and name set by user.
Properties can be fetched directly through . syntax after the object has been created. For example, layer.inputShape.
Layer method, these method can be called after Model is initialized.
Use Case
Here is the a table about the layer in TensorFlow, TensorFlow.js, Keras. These case may help you find which TensorSpace Layer API to use.